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Lost Routes

Tales From The Towpath
Where Other Waters Flow
Up The Cut
Birmingham Canal Navigations
Cotswold Canals
Folk On The Water
The Hatton Flight
The Hereford & Gloucester Canal
Lichfield & Hatherton
Bosworth Summit Pound - A Story
L. T. C. Rolt 1910 - 1974
Gloucester Docks and the Sharpness Canal
Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival
The Bold Navigators
Lost Routes
Contemporary Campbells

Rolle Canal Sea Lock [click for larger image]
Rolle Canal Sea Lock (North Devon). at high tide

Andover Canal  Hampshire

Bentley Canal, Wolverhampton/Walsall  West Midlands

Bradford Canal, West Yorkshire

Caistor Canal, Lincolnshire

Chard Canal    Somerset

Cinderford Canal  Gloucestershire

Coombe Hill Canal  Gloucestershire

Charnwood Forest Canal  Leicestershire

Croydon Canal  London

Glastonbury Canal  Somerset

Grand Surrey Canal  London

Grosvenor Canal  London

Horncastle Canal  Lincolnshire

Itchen Navigation  Hampshire

Kensington Canal  London

Ketley Canal  East Shropshire

Leominster Canal  Herefordshire

Nutbrook Canal  Derbyshire

Ouse Navigation Sussex

Rolle Canal  Devon

Shrewsbury Canal  Shropshire

Somersetshire Coal Canal  Somerset

Stamford Canal  Lincolnshire

Ulverston Canal  Cumbria

Westport Canal  Somerset

London's Lost Route to the Sea

 The Tales From The Towpath  
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