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The Bold Navigators

Tales From The Towpath
Where Other Waters Flow
Up The Cut
Birmingham Canal Navigations
Cotswold Canals
Folk On The Water
The Hatton Flight
The Hereford & Gloucester Canal
Lichfield & Hatherton
Bosworth Summit Pound - A Story
L. T. C. Rolt 1910 - 1974
Gloucester Docks and the Sharpness Canal
Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival
The Bold Navigators
Lost Routes
Contemporary Campbells

The Bold Navigators 1993
Fellside FTSR 4 1993

The Bold Navigators
Tradition TSR 019 1975
re-issued. Fellside FTSR 4 1993

A collection of songs about Britain's inland waterway system - the canals. It features Jon Raven,
John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Gary & Vera Aspey, Brian Peters and Ian Woods. It's mostly a reissue of a 1974 LP of the same name issued on the Traditional Sounds label with some bonus songs recorded in the 80s on the same subject. Includes Come Now Begin Delving/ The Bold Navigators/ Leeds - A Seaport Town/ Manchester Ship Canal/ Birmingham Lads/ The Captains Of The Waterways/ Keep Yer 'And Off/ Poor Old Horse and others.

Poor Old Horse
(trad. arr.)

When I was young and in my prime
And in my stable lay,
They gave to me the very best corn...
And the choicest hay.
Poor old horse!
Poor old mare!

My master used to ride me out
And tie me to the stile,
And he was courtin the miller's girl
While I could trot a mile.
Poor old horse!
Poor old mare!

Now I am old and done for,
And fit for nothing at all,
I'm forced to eat the sour grass
That grows along the wall.
Poor old horse!
Poor old mare!

Then lay my tott'ring legs so low
That have run very far,
O'er hedges and o'er ditches,
O'er tunrpike gate and bar.
Poor old horse!
Poor old mare!

My hide I'll give to the huntsman,
My shoes I'll throw away;
The dogs shall eat my rotten flesh,
And that's how I'll decay.
Poor old horse!
Poor old mare!

1. Stour
5. Canal Fever
6. Leeds A Seaport Town
7. Manchester Ship Canal Navvy
     [or The New Navigation]
11. All Hail This Grand Day
12. Captains Of The Waterways
13. Cruise Of The Calibar
14. Keep Your Hands Off
15. Tommy Note
17. Push Boys Push 
18. Rosemary  

Saul Junction [click for larger image]

an extensive Wikipedia page

history, geography, the engineers
current canals status, it's all here
on this very extensive Wikipedia page

originally known as the
Somersetshire Coal Canal
was a narrow canal in England,
built around 1800.

The underground canals at Worsley
have long been of interest to large
numbers of people who are interested
in coal mines and canals

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