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Contemporary Campbells

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Contemporary Campbells

Contemporary Campbells 1966  [click for larger]
Transatlantic TRA 137 LP 1966

Contemporary Campbells
The Ian Campbell Folk Group
Transatlantic TRA 137 LP  1966

Ian Campbell—vocals
Lorna Campbell—vocals
Brian Clark—vocals, guitar, autoharp
John Dunkerley—banjo, guitar
Dave Swarbrick—fiddle, viola, mandolin

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, 1965 Produced by
Nathan Joseph
Cover design by Brian Shuel
Photo by John Adams

From The Sleeve Notes

HARD LIFE ON THE CUT (Dave, fiddle; Lorna, vocal; John, banjo)
I wrote this for a Charles Parker documentary radio programme about canal life called 'Cry from the Cut'. In our songbook, (Heathside Music, 120 Marylebone Lane, W.1.—7/6d), we illustrated this song with an actual photograph of a commercial longboat being pulled along a canal by a barge wife, while her husband handled the tiller.

Hard Life on the Cut
  (Ian Campbell)

It's a hard life for a girl on the cut
Doing the work of a full grown man
Pushing a barrow and shoveling the coal
Plenty of work on her hands

It's a hard life for a wife on the cut
Spending her days with a bargee man
Sharing his work through the good times and bad
Coping as well as she can

It's a hard life for a mum on the cut
Rearing her family the decent way
Mending and cooking and keeping them clean
Nothing but work all the day

Side One

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Hard Life On The Cut

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Side Two

Death Come Easy
Rights Of Man
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Bloody Orkney

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